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A Letter From John Kimball

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Dear Mr. Amelotte,

My name is John Kimball and I just had a procedure done at the PAI Medical Group. This is by far the best procedure I have ever received and the most satisfied I have ever been. Everyone I have been in contact with at PAI was nice and made me feel comfortable.

I have had six procedures done before I found PAI. All I got was 400 grafts. I wasn't happy with that and I was down for a week.

So I had my seventh procedure done with PAI. It was a Level 12 and Doctor Bolton is the best hands down! When I say Dr. Bolton is the best, he explained to me artistically what he thought my best choice should be and why. This was the easiest procedure I have ever had done. Something else happened that has never happened before. The Doctor called two hours after my procedure. All the other times I had the procedures done, it was "so long, hope I never see you again, I have your money, so hurry up and leave!"

When I first came into PAI, I talked to Michael Ramsey. We sat down and talked and he showed me his procedure that he had done at PAI and I was sold! He had been through what I had been through - a bad experience and PAI corrected it and made it all better. Words cannot really express how I am feeling right now. I have finally gotten my hairline corrected and I won't have to worry about people noticing I have transplants. It all started when I saw the PAI commercial. Thanks for everything Mr. Amelotte.

Thank you and GOD Bless!
John Kimball