About PAI Medical Group

The History of PAI Medical Group

The foundation of our success is the people of PAI Medical Group who have maintained their commitment to excellence over the years. They provide our patients with the best care and attention to detail that have served the thousands of our patients since 1975 as Pierre Amelotte International (PAI) hair restoration and since 1985 as PAI Medical Group. Their pride and their commitment shows in the successful results of all our patients. PAI Medical Group has fostered this care and has earned the trust of every patient. Our staff from skilled physicians, medical and technical support with extensive experience and our fully trained consultants have all committed to one key element, that is, to provide you with the premier service of hair transplants anywhere on the globe.

Our clinics are located in major cities in North America, and we will add only the best trained staff when they meet our requirements for excellence. Our expanding network is conducted on an exclusivity basis only when ready. By offering a full range of services, including the exclusive MUHG™ procedure, hair loss prevention treatments and laser hair therapy, PAI Medical Group clinics can address any issue regarding hair loss. Our solutions are natural and work for all types of hair loss problems.

Our guarantee is to satisfy your needs, your expectations and to provide you with the new look and image you desire. You will find a vast amount of information throughout this website. While we encourage you to read it thoroughly, we also encourage you to visit or call any of our clinics for more information, to answer your questions or to receive a personalized assessment of your needs. This can also be done with our new PAI ConsultLive™, with educational material, and with interactive digital media.

The only issue you need to worry about is whether you have the right information to help you make a balanced decision to meet your expectations and to help you change your look and your life. Find a location near you.

Why Choose PAI for Your Hair Transplant?

PAI Medical Group will provide you with the premium patient care you can only expect from experienced professionals who have addressed thousands of cases, have managed to surpass all expectations, and have demonstrated that artistry and science can be combined to benefit you as a hair transplant patient or hair loss client.

We earn the trust of every patient, one patient at a time, with skill, with knowledge and with results. Our guaranteed results will enable you to meet your expectations with a thorough consultation and expert assessment at any of our numerous clinics in North America.

The trust we earn and the care we provide, will give you a new image and the increased confidence you deserve. Trust. Care. Confidence.

Each member of our medical team is committed to excellence, undergoes rigorous training, and attends conferences worldwide to keep abreast of the latest technology and procedures. PAI's doctors possess a unique combination of state-of-the-art medical knowledge coupled with incomparable skills in the esthetics side of hair transplantation.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience at PAI and we value the trust and confidence you have placed in us. Take a look at our photo gallery on this web site, do some research into all of your options and then make a decision that will change your life forever.