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There have been tremendous changes in the hair restoration field since Founder and President Pierre Amelotte entered the business. PAI has become one of the largest and most innovative hair transplant management corporations in North America.

The foundation of the company’s success is the many people of PAI Medical Group who have maintained their commitment to excellence over the years. The people at PAI share a common work ethic and a commitment to excel at providing the very best hair restoration available today. By taking pride in what they do and by giving the very best patient care throughout their procedure, they have created a benchmark which is unparalleled in this industry today.

PAI Founder and President, Pierre Amelotte

PAI clinics are located throughout North America and offer a full range of hair restoration services including Hair Transplantation with our exclusive Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ , FUE (follicular unit extraction), Hair Loss Prevention Treatments, Laser Hair Therapy for hair loss, PRP treatments for hair renewal and hair loss, and SMP (scalp micropigmentation). PAI specializes in natural solutions for all types of hair loss problems.

PAI wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience and values the trust and confidence you have placed in us. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss any questions you may have regarding solutions for your hair loss.

Change the way you look and the way you look at life!

Our History

The foundation of our success is the people of PAI Medical Group who have maintained their commitment to excellence over the years. They provide our patients with the best care and attention to detail that have served the thousands of our patients as Pierre Amelotte International (PAI) hair restoration and as PAI Medical Group. Their pride and their commitment shows in the successful results of all our patients. PAI Medical Group has fostered this care and has earned the trust of every patient. Our staff from skilled physicians, medical and technical support with extensive experience and our fully trained consultants have all committed to one key element, that is, to provide you with the premier service of hair transplants anywhere on the globe.

Our clinics are located in major cities in North America, and we will add only the best trained staff when they meet our requirements for excellence. Our expanding network is conducted on an exclusivity basis only when ready. By offering a full range of services, including the exclusive MUHG™ procedure, hair loss prevention treatments and laser hair therapy, PAI Medical Group clinics can address any issue regarding hair loss. Our solutions are natural and work for all types of hair loss problems.

Our guarantee is to satisfy your needs, your expectations and to provide you with the new look and image you desire. You will find a vast amount of information throughout this website. While we encourage you to read it thoroughly, we also encourage you to visit or call any of our clinics for more information, to answer your questions or to receive a personalized assessment of your needs.

The only issue you need to worry about is whether you have the right information to help you make a balanced decision to meet your expectations and to help you change your look and your life. Find a location near you.

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Trust. Care. Confidence.

The trust we earn and the care we provide, will give you a new image and the increased confidence you deserve. Trust. Care. Confidence.

Each member of our medical team is committed to excellence, undergoes rigorous training, and attends conferences worldwide to keep abreast of the latest technology and procedures. PAI’s doctors possess a unique combination of state-of-the-art medical knowledge coupled with incomparable skills in the esthetics side of hair transplantation.

Why Choose PAI for Your Hair Transplant?

PAI Medical Group will provide you with the premium patient care you can only expect from experienced professionals who have addressed thousands of cases, have managed to surpass all expectations, and have demonstrated that artistry and science can be combined to benefit you as a hair transplant patient or hair loss client.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience at PAI and we value the trust and confidence you have placed in us. Take a look at our photo gallery on this web site, do some research into all of your options and then make a decision that will change your life forever.

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Letters From Our Patients

A Letter From John Kimball

Dear Mr. Amelotte,

My name is John Kimball and I just had a procedure done at the PAI Medical Group. This is by far the best procedure I have ever received and the most satisfied I have ever been. Everyone I have been in contact with at PAI was nice and made me feel comfortable.

I have had six procedures done before I found PAI. All I got was 400 grafts. I wasn’t happy with that and I was down for a week.

So I had my seventh procedure done with PAI. It was a Level 12 and the Doctor is the best hands down! When I say the Doctor is the best, he explained to me artistically what he thought my best choice should be and why. This was the easiest procedure I have ever had done. Something else happened that has never happened before. The Doctor called two hours after my procedure. All the other times I had the procedures done, it was “so long, hope I never see you again, I have your money, so hurry up and leave!”

When I first came into PAI, I talked to Michael Ramsey. We sat down and talked and he showed me his procedure that he had done at PAI and I was sold! He had been through what I had been through – a bad experience and PAI corrected it and made it all better. Words cannot really express how I am feeling right now. I have finally gotten my hairline corrected and I won’t have to worry about people noticing I have transplants. It all started when I saw the PAI commercial. Thanks for everything Mr. Amelotte.

Thank you and GOD Bless!
John Kimball

A Letter From Rod Pedersen

Dear PAI Medical Group,

I just wanted to send you a letter of thanks for what you’ve done for me.

It’s been less than year since my hair restoration procedure, and the results have far exceeded my expectations. How? Well for starters, I feel like a completely different person – for the better. Every day that goes by, my hair continues to look better and I believe it’s taken years off of my appearance. In one word, it’s ‘confidence’. I no longer feel ashamed of my appearance, and have thrown away the ball caps that were a staple of my wardrobe.

As for the procedure itself, well, it’s hard to believe it went as easily as it did. By following the PAI staff’s instructions, the healing process was quick and worthwhile. Everytime I went in for aftercare, I was treated like the most important client you’ve ever had. Again, I thank you.

I never get tired of people staring at my hairline, most of whom don’t even know I had the procedure done. All they say is that I look great. And it’s all because of you. THANK YOU!

Rod Pedersen
Beyond satisfied PAI customer!

A Letter From Lee J. Bryant

Dear Todd, Loren and Darren,

The purpose of this letter is to thank you both and particularly your staff, and to let you know how much I appreciated the level of service everyone has provided me prior to my procedure and the post-care phase. As I reflect upon the last 10 years of pondering the idea of hair restoration, it is crystal clear to me that I couldn’t have made a better decision in choosing the PAI Medical Group and especially the professional, caring and dedicated staff here in Indianapolis. I too wish to recognize Dr. Shannon for his professionalism and his expertise in hair restoration, and his entire surgical staff, they all were nothing short of wonderful.

I particularly wish to thank you Darren for your professionalism, kindness and your willingness to work extremely hard and for going the extra mile in making this procedure a reality for me and one of the most enjoyable experiences I could ask for or expected. In short, you and your staff have exceeded all of my expectations and more! I know it was stated by your staff members after the completion of my procedure that they considered me a “model patient”, and I’m flattered, but in reality I could not have been this so called “model patient” with a model PAI staff. I also wish to extend a special thank you to Melissa Sumner for her professionalism, caring attitude and her charming and witty personality, and too, for having a hand shake that exemplifies character.

In closing, it is an understatement just to say that I appreciated the level of care and service I have received from everyone at PAI, my gratitude goes far beyond words alone, and I give PAI Medical Group and staff the highest accolades, and I would not hesitate to recommend PAI Medical Group to family, friends, and business associates for their hair restoration needs. Again, my sincere and heart-felt appreciation to PAI Medical Group and staff!


Lee J. Bryant

A Letter From Chris C.

“My surgery went as smoothly as I could have imagined, there was absolutely no pain involved at any time during or after the procedure, and the results are astounding! I have full coverage all over my head, something I did not think was attainable, and nobody has any idea I have had surgery unless I tell them. I may elect to have another procedure done in the future just to thicken my hair up, but frankly I don’t need to! The follow-up care and concern showed to me by you and your staff immediately after surgery right up until today has made me feel as if I were your only client. Since my first visit to your clinic, I have felt at ease and knew that you had my best interests at heart. That is rare in any profession, but even more rare in yours.”

~ Chris C.

A Letter From Dan L.

“It has been just over a year now since my hair restoration surgery and I wanted to write and say Thank You to you and the whole staff for doing such great work. My hair looks fantastic and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone for restoring more than just my hair but my confidence and self-esteem to go with it. It was absolutely vital to me that the results looked natural … and I’m so pleased to let you know that they do!”

~ Dan L.

A Letter From J. R. H.

My wife cannot believe the results, my son cannot believe results, my attorney says I look like a movie star, and my hair stylist says this is the best hair transplant she has seen. I can even go down the road with my window down. I have hair.

Thank you PAI ~J. R. H.

A Letter From Rick C.

“It has been 10 months since my transplant and, as you know, I was a little skeptical the first five or six months. I can honestly say today, that the procedure worked exactly as I was told. It has given me the freedom to go anywhere without a hat whenever I want. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and couldn’t hesitate to have a second procedure.”

~ Rick C.

Why You Should Choose PAI!

Are you losing your hair? Does it bother you? Well it bothered me so I decided to do something about it. PAI has the answer to all your hair problems.

I started losing hair in my early twenties and decided I needed to do something about it. I decided to wear a hair replacement system and at the time it seemed like the right choice. After years of replacing them and always being concerned if it was noticeable I decided it was time to look into hair transplants.

I saw an ad for PAI explaining the new techniques they have for transplanting my own hair to replace what I had lost. Their Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ process makes the transplants look as natural as your own hair would before you started to lose it. The consultation I had with the staff at PAI made me feel comfortable and relaxed about my situation. They assured me that they could help and would answer all my questions and concerns regarding the process.

When the time came the operation was as easy as going to the dentist. I was in and out in a few hours and within a few days was back to work. After the operation the doctor called me that evening to see how I was. This type of care is rare and really shows the level of professionalism PAI devotes to their customers.

The following morning I went back to PAI for a hair wash and examination to ensure everything was alright. It was less than a month later I started to see the hair grow. I couldn’t believe the change it made and I’m glad I made the choice to go with PAI.

If you want natural looking hair PAI is the answer.

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