Wayne Huddelston


Wayne Huddelston | Norwood: Class 5 | 3 Sessions: 2 Level 10, 1 Level 12 Before After "It's just a wonderful way to hold on to your youth and even look younger than you did before. I feel more confident." [...]

Glenn Campbell


Glenn Campbell | Norwood: Class 4A | 2 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "Well, to be honest and truthful, when I first started out I wore a hairpiece. And I wore it for approximately three years and it just took away so much of your [...]

Mel Lauldoff


Mel Lauldoff | Norwood: Class 5 | 2 Sessions, Level 5 Before After "My son John works in the hair transplant business with me and together we have seen many changes in hair restoration over the years. My affiliation with PAI [...]

Bill Calderone


Bill Calderone | Norwood: Class 5 | 2 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "My image has always been very important to my self esteem. Hair loss was a problem, but now with my natural hair transplant from PAI, I feel younger and enjoy my retirement [...]

Phil Barfoot


Phil Barfoot | Norwood: Class 6 | 3 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "I think what made the difference at the PAI Medical Group was what they call Multi-Unit Hair Grafting. The doctors transplant one or two hairs at a time, [...]

Rod Pederson


Rod Pederson | Norwood: Class 3 | 1 Level 10 Before After "It's been less than a year since my hair restoration procedure, and the results have far exceeded my expectations. How? Well for starters, I feel like a completely different [...]

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