Keith Vol


Keith Vol | Norwood: Class 5 | 1 Sessions, Level 12 Before After "The people at PAI are very knowledgeable. I talked to the doctor that did my procedure and he explained the whole thing to me. There was no sales [...]

Andy Holloway


Andy Holloway | Norwood: Class 5A | 2 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "My life has been changed forever since I had my hair transplant. I feel younger and more alive. Everything I do now is different because my hair is [...]

Kerry Pentecost


Kerry Pentecost | Norwood: Class 5A | 1 Sessions, Level 12 Before After "It's very much an individual decision. If you can't make an investment in yourself, what better person can you make an investment in!" [...]

Bill Harris


Bill Harris | Norwood: Class 5A | 3 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "This was the final solution for me. I was always worried that my hair system was going to come off. Now with my natural hair transplant from PAI, [...]

Robert Zhao


Robert Zhao | Norwood: Class 3 | 1 Session, Level 5 Before After "PAI Medical Group did a very good job with my hair transplant. Once I started to see my hair grow back, I was so happy. It looks so [...]

Phil Sansone


Phil Sansone | Norwood: Class 6 | 2 Sessions: Level 5 & 10 Before After "Soon after I had my first transplant a friend asked why now at your age. I thought about it for a while and wondered WHY NOT!! [...]

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