Jeff Z.


Jeff Z. | Norwood: Class 5 | 3 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "My hair transplant has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with the way everything has turned out. My hair transplant makes me feel like I felt before [...]

Fred Hutchinson


Fred Hutchinson | Norwood: Class 6 | 2 Sessions, Level 12 Before After "I didn't feel that I looked my best. I'm a believer in living your life with excellence and I knew that I had an outward flaw that I [...]

Rick Elaschuck


Rick Elaschuck | Norwood: Class 5 | 3 Sessions, Level 5 Before After "I am very pleased with my entire experience with the people at PAI. The doctor who performed my procedure is a highly skilled, artistic surgeon with a very [...]

Karl Geissler


Karl Geissler | Norwood: Class 5 | 2 Sessions, Level 10 Before After "Several months after my second session with PAI Medical Group, I removed my hair system for the first time in nine years. Wow!! What a monumental change having [...]

Jasson Finney


Jasson Finney | Norwood: Class 2 | 3 Sessions, Level 5 Before After "It really is traumatic for a man to lose his hair. I've always been a physically active person and an athlete for most of my life. Even though [...]

Randy Liberet


Randy Liberet | Norwood: Class 6 | 4 Sessions: Levels 5 & 10 Before After "I had gotten to the point where nothing else worked, so a friend told me about PAI. They taught me about the hair restoration process. I'd [...]

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